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A Beginners Guide to Home Cooking for Dogs

Have you recently got a new pet home? Don’t know what to serve and in what quantity? This guide is for all beginners who want to serve home-cooked meals to their pets. Experts recommend not to share your meals with the dogs as most of the human ingredients are not suitable for a dog. That is why many people visit portals to buy Pet Food Mix online or a nearby store. But, there is another option to keep your pet healthy. Cook healthy pet food meant for their system.

Let Us Discuss A Few Essential Proteins

Like us, dogs also need a healthy balance of protein to stay fit and strong. They also need carbohydrates and veggies in their diet based on the types of dogs. Experts recommend a daily intake of 40 percent of proteins, 50 percent of vegetables, 10 percent of starch in their diet. Quantity must vary between dogs as not every pet can handle a high amount of protein. Thus, it is better to visit a pet care expert for diet charts.

You can cook at home as per the suggested diet chart or buy a pet food mix online to make it quick and serve. Make sure to check the ingredient quantity listed on the packed foods before you make the payment. Cooking at home also has many benefits, including you can add more flavors, vitamins, and nutrients to the food to meet the nutritional requirement.

Also, one can visit the best Online Pet Bakery in India to get some commercial dog food if the person is not free someday or out for business. Further, these are quick, and one can add their healthy ingredients to these packed foods if they want.


Pork, beef, fish, chicken, turkey, tuna, and eggs (in less quantity) can be included in a pet diet. Avoid serving meat cuts covered with garlic or seasonings. There is a risk of choking with serving bones to the dog, so go for poultry bones that can splinter. Use meats rich in sodium and fat.


You can add more vegetables to their meals, such as spinach, cucumbers, sweet potato, corn (in few cases), carrots, green beans, and more.


For carbohydrates, the pet care experts recommend intake of oatmeal, potatoes, rice, pasta.

Additional Natural Foods

There are additional natural food one can add to pet food, including coconut and its products like milk or oil. There are many fruits, including raspberries, apple, pineapple, strawberry, or melon.


Calcium is vital for pets. Make sure to serve them foods rich in calcium.

Note: It is great that you are looking forward to creating a diet plan with home-cooked meals for your pet. But, make sure to keep a check on various signs, such as vomiting or diarrhea with your pets. Discuss with a nearby pet expert and unlist food items that do not suit your pet’s diet requirement.

Ingredients One must Avoid

Avoid giving your pet almonds, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, garlic, grapes, raisins, artificial sweeteners, mushrooms, onions, and more. It is better to discuss or get advice from a person who has experience in feeding dogs.

Well! Now that you have all the list on what to add or avoid, it will take a little time for you to analyze and find the right balance. But let me warn you there can be repercussions as you don’t know which ingredient suits your pet’s body or not as you are a beginner. There can be allergic reactions to a few ingredients, so properly monitor your pet’s actions and diet.

If you are not ready, you can buy Pet Food Mix online and add special ingredients for better taste and flavor.  Home-cooked meals for pet are great for a pet’s gut system as it helps to restore the natural balance. Also, it helps lessen the use of preservatives found in commercial dog foods. Further, with these nutritional foods, you can help maintain the dog’s healthy skin as it is too dry, and adding various nutrients helps maintain its moisture. Additionally, it helps keep strong teeth, better kidneys, and mental health. It is best to treat them like your own to make them live long and happily.

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