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How to Improve Page Speed In Wordpress Website

Improve Page Speed In WordPress Website We all need our blog or website fast because a fast-loading website is not only valuable for the user but also in the eyes of Google, and if the content is good on a fast website, then it can be searched by the search engine. There is no difficulty in ranking.

A fast website is also very important for SEO, here we will tell you only two methods and apart from this you will be told some tips, or you can contact the best digital marketing Agency of Jaipur, we hope you by adopting these methods and Keeping in mind the given suggestion, your website will start loading faster.

Use Best Hosting

The biggest thing that hurts page speed is hosting. That is why while choosing to host for your website, take a wise decision. Cheap hosting, do not fall in the trap of hosting given at a discount.

GC also you want to buy the hosting of the company, you must know about its performance, service from your friends, experts, or big bloggers. If you are ready to spend a little more money then choose the option of VPS hosting. VPS hosting would be a good suggestion for fast loading website

Use Lightweight Theme

Page speed can be reduced if you use heavy and heavy themes in the WordPress site and come with many features. That’s why to use the lightweight theme. You can use ribbon free theme or a schema-free theme. These themes are very fast, responsive, and lightweight.

Use minimum plugins

There are many plugins available in WordPress. New bloggers install a lot of plugins to make their blogs more effective. But this also increases external resources. Due to which the website loading speed decreases. Do you know? You can get many features even without a plugin by making minor edits to the theme code.

Use AMP for Mobile Version

According to the latest report of Google, about 50% of the searches come from mobile phones. That’s why it has become necessary to make your blog responsive and fast.

In 2016, Google released the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature to optimize the mobile version, since AMP opens the blog in less than 1 second. With this AMP, important for SEO the search ranking of the blog increases significantly.

Image Optimization

Using high-quality images in posts increases the data transfer. Due to which the page speed decreases. Optimizing these images reduces the size (bytes or MB size) of the images but it does not make any difference in the image quality. Similarly, page speed increases. Do not forget to read this post to do image optimization.

enable Caching

Whenever the user opens your website, the website content gets transferred from your hosting server to the user’s browser. Now the thing is that when the user re-opens your site, all the content gets transferred again from the hosting. Due to which the loading speed of the website decreases.

To solve this problem, a coaching service is used. By enabling the caching service, the website content becomes cached in the web browser. Due to which it happens that the website content gets saved in the user’s browser. Now if the visitor re-opens your website, the unchanged data of the site gets loaded from the browser instead of the hosting server.

Use CDN Service

With the help of the Content Delivery Network (CDN), the time to transfer blog content to the user is reduced. Blog content is stored in different servers of CDN service, which is transferred from the server nearest to the user. As the transfer time (ping) is less.

There is paid and free CDN service available for WordPress. You can use the most trusted CDN service “Cloudflare” for WordPress for free.

Use Minimum Ad units

Using Google AdSense or other ad networks to put more ad units on a page has a significant impact on page speed. So do not put more than 5 ad units on one page.

I believe that after following these 9 steps the page speed will improve a lot. To know each step in detail, do not forget to read the link given below the step. If you have any kind of question or problem then definitely tell through comment or contact.

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