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UK Rental Property Myths Debunked

There’s no denying that deciding on the buying or selling of property is quite a daunting task. If you’ve ever faced a choice to buy a property from your savings or rent one, then you’ll understand how cumbersome it can become to go for either of the options. We all have heard other people’s experiences on the matter. And most do not have a smooth story to tell when it comes to this. Dodgy properties, treacherous landlords, and ulterior motives of property sellers make this industry quite complicated for the common man to understand.

So how can a layman possibly know what to do and who to trust? How do you make the right choices when it comes to property? And above all, how would you know if you’re really making good use of your money?

In the UK, renting a property, in some way, has a stigma attached to it. It’s too much of a pressure when you begin to climb the property ladder, unsure of how the next step would turn out to be.

Six Myth Debunked of Rental Property

But is renting really a bad choice to make? In this article, we have debunked some of the myths attached to this industry, specifically those pertaining to rental property in the UK. So before you think to disregard this as an option, wait and learn about a few facts that may help you in changing your mind.

Myth # 1: Renting is only an option for those who don’t have enough finances to buy

One of the most misunderstood assumptions that prevail within the property rental market is that people only choose to rent because they are not able to afford to buy their own house. This may hold true for young adults, but today, we see more and more people opting to live with their families in rental apartments. There are various reasons for this, of which the flexible nature of jobs is one of the many. The abundance of investments in cities across the UK by large corporations has opened doors for movements within a company. And so, it has become easier for young people associated with the corporate world to rent a property near their workplace.

With renting, comes flexibility and freedom that ownership of a property does not offer. You also don’t have to worry about the large mortgage deposit hovering over your mind all the time.

Myth # 2: Renting a property is like wasting your hard-earned money

In the past few decades, becoming an owner of your house was considered to be the top goal for people. Today, renting has become a safer housing option for people who look for feasibility in traveling and who need affordable options for living in the city centers.

Short-term rental property also reduces stress by giving them enough time to think over their options and ultimately achieve their dream house. It’s best to weigh YOUR pros and cons and see which works well for you.

Myth # 3: It’s not the right time to buy now

Can anyone ever know for sure what the right time will be to buy a property? Not even the most accomplished real estate agents can tell this for sure. There are too many factors that affect the property value, and it’s always vulnerable to fluctuations. While you wait for the “right time” –  the downward trend that may get you a bargain, you might be just lining your landowner’s pockets. And once the upward trend begins, you end up regretting why you didn’t capitalize earlier. 

Myth # 4: Never trust a landlord. They’re all deceitful

If you’ve ever dealt with a landlord before, then you can understand how extremely untrustworthy they can be. There are always such landlords out there who only have their own benefit as their priority. Many fail to offer home improvements and get away from facing the consequences. In the UK, however, landlords are quite reliable and trustworthy.

In 2016, a study by BDRC Continental revealed that around 79% of people they enquired were happy with their landlord, and 85% felt as if the home they rented was their own.

So if you really need to rent a house, then do not worry much about the crazy landlords. You can always seek help from a real estate agent here. This way, you can be certain that a particular landlord would not rob you of your money and will give you the necessary freedom to live at ease in your home.

Myth # 5: Buying off-plan property is risky and also expensive

Some people think that it’s not wise to buy London off plan apartments. Let’s take a look at the cons first.

Buying off-plan means buying a property before its structure is built. This involves patience until your home is built completely. It also means that you need to have a solid preparation with regards to choosing a developer who won’t trick you. The cons end here; the rest are all advantages!

Buying off-plan helps you save a lot of money as you are expected to pay much less than the property value. Also, your property’s worth is expected to rise if it’s located within the vicinity of an up-and-coming area.

Myth # 6: The entire process of renting is way more complicated than owning a house

The last myth that needs to get debunked is the assumption that renting is more cumbersome than owning a place. Maintenance issues with the heating, electrical, geyser, sanitation, plumbing, and property insurance, are some of the responsibilities that a homeowner needs to take care of. Since you might not get a furnished property to buy, rental houses often come with some furniture items that can save your money from being spent on items like couches and beds.

Final Thought

At the end of the day, every person will have their own reasons for choosing this or that. If renting is an option that you need to opt for, then let nothing stop you. Do your homework, search your desired property and go for it!

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