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5 Water Heater Tips – How to Save Money and Energy

Most of us spend 15%-18% of our electricity bills on water heaters, and many of us take the privilege of water heaters for granted. We fail to realize that there is a huge population in India, who do not even get the food to eat hence they do not care for hot water during winter. However, there are also some families who have the privilege of using water heaters but they fail to consume electricity. Many do not know that the best water heaters in India help you to consume some electricity and money. 

5 Water Heater Tips to Save Money and Energy

There are various companies and brands that make the best water heaters in India, if you use them carefully then you can save some energy. Saving energy automatically means saving money and it will reduce your electricity bills. 

Insulate Storage Tanks

Insulated storage tanks prevent your water from changing temperatures very quickly. They help in the reduction of the loss of the heat from the water in the storage. This will eventually help to cut down your electricity bills. 

Use Limited Heated Water 

Do not take the water heater for granted because if you take that for granted you will get humongous electricity bills. Hence if you wish to save energy then you can use cold water for washing clothes and utensils and other cleaning purposes. You can also use the best washing machine under 10000 and they also help you to wash clothes with less water. 

Repair Leaking Faucet

Leaking Faucet is not a major issue but as you know “drops of water make an ocean.” So avoid the taps from leaking, drops of water so that you save the maximum hot water in the storage. If 10 taps in a house are leaking then you are losing two buckets of water each day. 

Use all the Water 

You must know that if you are using warm water then the heater has storage that stores the heated water. Every time you heat water in the heater, make sure you use every drop of warm water. If you leave water in the machine then the machines might be affected. Most of the water heating machines are damaged due to the leftover of the heated water in the machine. 

Replace Your Old Water Heater 

The new water heaters have an auto cut facility and this auto cut facility helps to save a lot of energy. As soon as the water is heated as per the degree you set, the healing process of the water inside the machine is stopped automatically. Hence you must switch on to using the new kind of water heater, changing the old water heater. 


In India, the financial condition is such that many people still cannot afford water heaters of 10 liters. So the new companies have come up with smaller water heaters which can heat upto 2-3liter water and it is sufficient for the winters. Hence, you can easily use these tips to save energy and money.

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