Now Smart LED TV Price 2022

Smart LED TV is also seen to be bought on the occasion of Eid. Besides, for the first time in the country, Walton Voice Control has brought smart TV to the market. TV bargaining and research were done by visiting several sales outlets in the capital.

TV will run direction.

The demand for smart TVs is increasing in the market as you can watch YouTube, Facebook, websites, game games, audio videos, pictures etc., on the big screen of the television. So with that, the sales are also increasing.

multinational brand Walton produces smart and LED TV in its factory in the country. These televisions are being made following international standards. As a result, Walton Television is being exported to various countries worldwide, including Germany, a European country.

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Walton has introduced the facility to control a TV by speaking Bengali, English, and Hindi. No need to search for content from YouTube or browser by typing.

Mostafa Nahid Hossain, CEO of Walton Television, said that Walton adds innovative technology and features to the TV through regular research on television technology.

In this context, the facility to select language has add to the Smart LED TV this time. Smart TV requires , Hindi, or English content. Users do not have to type by pressing the button on the remote control. The artificial intelligence (AI) voice receiver will active when the customer says,’ Hello Walton.’

Then it will come as soon as you display the necessary thing in your mouth. This technology is Walton’s invention. Not just Bengali; Hindi content can also select through voice commands. In addition to the local market, Walton TV is export to India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

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And almost all the customers in these regions watch Hindi songs, videos, and movies on television. Walton Voice Control TV will be launched this month. Initially, Walton released three 32, 39, and 43 inches models. Walton authorities say prices will be within buyers’ means.

More benefits Smart LED TV

Walton’s Smart TV’s Android Seven operating system. All the new models of smart TVs have 1 GB RAM and 8 GB memory. In addition to the remote control device, Walton’s smart TV can control through the re-share app installed on the smartphone.

From e-Share, the customer can choose any four features like Remote, Touch Remote, Mouse, and Air Mouse at his convenience. This allows the customer to control the TV on the mobile phone from any house corner.

Demand and sales for the Walton Smart TV have increased in the local market due to its state-of-the-art panel, high-speed processor, large viewing angle, high contrast picture, Dolby digital sound system, ultra slim design, and affordable price.

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In addition, the local company offers a four-year guarantee on 32, 39, 43, 49, and 55 inches LED and innovative TV panels with a six-month replacement guarantee facility.

There is a chance of easy installment of a maximum of 36 months. Under ISO Certified Service Management, Walton provides fast and best after-sales service to customers through more than 60 service centers spread across the country.

World Cup discount Smart LED TV


On the Cricket World Cup occasion, Samsung has announced selling Smart LED TV in the market at an unimaginable price. Moreover, there is a maximum cash back facility of Rs 2 lakh for purchasing specific models of Samsung TVs.

Buyers will get 5 percent cash back if they buy a refrigerator or a washing machine with a TV. In addition, 8 percent cash back is available on purchasing a refrigerator or a washing machine combo package with two Smart LED TV.

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In addition to the guaranteed cash back, a maximum cash back of Tk 35,000 can enjoy the case of TV exchange. Apart from this, by purchasing Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs of 8100 and 7460 models, customers will also get the opportunity of cash back up to a maximum of Tk 50,000 by scratching the scratch card.

In addition to purchasing TVs at a discounted price during the campaign, customers will get 5% cash back on joint purchase of two Smart LED TV and up to 6% direct cash back on purchases of three TVs.

What’s more, under the campaign, buyers will be able to purchase any of Samsung’s products and get a brand new Mitsubishi brand car as a mega gift.

Regarding the campaign, Shahriar Bin Lutfar, Head of Business, Consumer Electronics, Samsung, said: With World Cup Cricket in mind, we have launched attractive offers on home appliances, especially on TV, which will double the joy of the buyers.


Samsung currently has 29 models of Smart LED TV in the market ranging from 20 inches to 55 inches. Prices range from Tk 11,900 to Tk 59,900. In addition, eight models have 32 to 55 inch HD and full-HD smart TV.

Fees range from 22,900 to 69,900 rupees. In addition, the new 55-inch 4K resolution smart TV. Price 99,900 rupees.

Samsung has announced an attractive price discount campaign on Smart LED TV. At the discount price, Samsung Real 4K Ultra HD (UHD) 43-inch TV is price at Rs 56,900, 43-inch is priced at Rs 65,900, 49-inch is priced at Rs 8,900, and 50-inch is priced at Rs 96,900. The 32-inch smart TV is available at Rs 32,900, the 43-inch two-model TV at Rs 52,900 and Rs 65,900.

Sony’s 43-inch TV costs Tk 8,000, 40-inch TVs cost Tk 36,000 and 32-inch TVs cost Tk 30,000.

The price of Transtech 24 inch TV is 12,500 rupees, 40 inches smart TV is 26,500 rupees, and 43 inches smart TV is 33,500 rupees.

Vision 22 inch TVs cost 11,100 rupees, 24 inch 14,500 rupees, 32 inch 20,600 rupees, 43 inch 49 thousand and 49 inch 72,500 rupees. The price of an LG 24 inch Smart LED TV is 16 thousand 410 rupees, 43 inches 52 thousand, 55 inches 1 lakh 18 thousand 900 rupees.

Singer’s 22 inch TV costs 13 thousand 590 rupees, 32-inch price 26 thousand 990 rupees.

LG 24 inch price 18 thousand 410 rupees, 43 inches 52 thousand rupees, 55-inch price 1 lakh 18 thousand 900 rupees.

Vision 22 inch Smart LED TV costs 11,100 rupees, 32-inch price 20,600 rupees, 43-inch fee 49 thousand rupees.

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