Tips To Make Live Streaming On Instagram Engaging

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, it has made people spend an extended time in isolation. And, with isolation came the extended use of social media platforms. However, the fact is, social media has been the only escape for many suffering from the consequences of the pandemic. The most prominent reason behind this is the connectivity characteristic of social media. It has brought the world together while people were confined within walls of isolation. While social media streaming was coming into existence gradually, the pandemic pumped up the process and made the concept of live streaming over social media sites more prevalent.

However, with the growing prevalence of Instagram streaming, it is also vital to understand the ways to stand out in the process. Hence, in this blog, we bring to you some of the top curated engagement ideas to ensure memorable Instagram live to stream. Let us begin by understanding the basics.

What is Live Streaming on Instagram?

Live streaming on Instagram refers to the action of broadcasting any type of event or discussion over an Instagram handle. This feature of all the social media platforms majorly introduced by Facebook has brought matchless business benefits for all types of organizations or individuals. What makes it a successful aspect of social media is the interactivity and engagement with the target audience. It not only reaches out to a wide range of audiences but also builds trust and helps the users gain loyal customers. 

Let us move ahead to explore engagement tips to enhance your live streaming on Instagram.

10 Tips to Make Your Live Streaming On Instagram More Engaging


#1 Plan, Prepare, and Practice

While the event or conversation must not look absolutely planned and pre decided, it is vital to create a plan before going live on the platform. It will not only help you ensure seamless execution of the live streaming event but also help you in fixing any possible loopholes. After planning the event flow, begin preparing to ensure a smooth conversation during the event. While preparation will further guarantee a good event stream, practice is what will make your event a perfect and memorable one. 

Another idea to create engaging live streaming under the same context is to create videos while you practice, so when you review it, you can clearly determine and analyze if the discussion & presentation looks engaging. For example, you can test if the background looks nice or not, if the session flow is appropriate or not, is there something more to add or something that you must disclude, etc.


#2 Promote Your Event Live Streaming on Instagram

Do extensive promotion of not just your event live streaming but also Instagram handle specifically. As you are already taking your event over a social media platform through live streaming, begin by promoting it on the same social media handle. An excellent and effective idea is to create an official account or if you already have it, introduce an exciting hashtag. You can also run a contest to level up the engagement and create anticipation amongst the target audience. Extensive promotion with proper strategies will make your audience aware of the value of your Instagram live stream while enticing them to attend it.


#3 Pick the Right Live Streaming Platform

Choosing the most suitable and advanced live streaming platform is another vital step to ensure engagement at your event live streaming on Instagram. The market is flooded with various live streaming service providers but what will make your event stand out is choosing an efficient platform. The most advanced live streaming platform helps you organize a properly customized experience for your event and audience. While a direct Instagram live stream does not provide you with any extra features, a professional live streaming platform can add countless features to it.


#4 Create a Customized Experience

As mentioned in the previous tip, customization can work wonders for your live event streaming on Instagram. Therefore, use the feature provided by the live streaming platform and personalize the background as per your event theme and preference. Also, ensure that you don’t fill the background as only a simple design can also be sufficient to captivate the attention of your audience. With this feature, you can also add branding elements to your stream and add more value to your event.


#5 Invite a Renowned Social Media Influencer

Social Media Platforms are largely being run by influencer trends and activities. Also, influencers have millions of followers. Therefore, by collaborating with a social media influencer with a large number of following as through this idea, you can efficiently maximize your reach amongst the target audience.


#6 Include Entertaining Sessions

Incorporate fun entertaining sessions in between the event to ensure that your audience and online viewers have a memorable event experience at your Instagram live streaming. By including a bit of entertainment throughout, your attendees and viewers will constantly be engaged in the event.


#7 Make it Interactive 

Interactivity has always been a key to success for all kinds of online events be it live streaming on social media or a virtual meeting. Interactivity is one tool that can effectively keep your attendees engaged throughout the event. Therefore, include interactive tools provided by the platform like live polls, emoticon reactions, Q&A sessions, etc. You can also reply to the comments you receive on the Instagram handle. Another idea to make your event more engaging is inviting your viewers to join the screen and interact with them.


#8 Ensure a Good Internet Connection

Internet connectivity is one of the most determining elements of any online event. A lagging image can lead to your attendees feeling repulsion from the event. There is also a possibility that they leave the Instagram live stream. Therefore, before going live, ensure that the platform you choose provides powerful connectivity.


#9 Include Multi-Format Content

To further enhance engagement at your Instagram live stream, include multi-format content. For example, instead of just sharing an image, you can also include a video, presentation, gif, or a trending meme to keep your attendees engaged.


#10 Follow a Well-Planned Agenda

Last but not least, create a well-planned agenda for your event streaming and follow it. The tip is to keep your attendees’ attention span while attending or viewing a live event in mind. Provide mini-breaks throughout the event to ensure that your attendees don’t have a tedious event experience. 

Follow these tips and enhance engagement at your live streaming on Instagram!

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